Modieus is Dutch for fashionable, which is a fitting title for a company offering the most stylish commercial flooring in the market. A flooring solutions expert with an extensive global network, Modieus provides exceptional, contemporary flooring throughout Australia, the Middle East, the Far East and Europe.

The brains behind the brand, is Xander Okhuizen. For the past 25 years, the enterprising Dutchman has worked as an account manager, export manager and director of Asia Pacific commercial markets across Singapore, Australia and The Netherlands.

Xander’s experience has given him an in-depth understanding of the industry. In particular, he recognises the importance of customer service, and this is what drives his business.


Modieus is the flooring specialist that says yes. Whatever the design, whatever the style, whatever the floor, Xander and his team will make it happen. There are no limitations, only possibilities.

Such bespoke flooring is unmatched in the industry, and it’s all due to Xander’s unwavering dedication to service. He firmly believes that a customer should never have to compromise.


Flooring techniques

Producing the customised flooring solutions that Modieus is known for requires skill, experience and a broad range of flooring techniques. Those used by Xander and his team include:

Handtuft carpets open close

Hand tuft

Handtuft carpets can be produced in any shape or dimension, and in unlimited colours and designs. Bespoke yarns such as wool, viscose, bamboo and silk are used, along with various types of construction, including cut, loop, carving, high/low and tip-shear.

Axminster woven carpets open close


Axminster woven carpets are 100% cut-pile broadloom carpets, and come in unlimited design repeats of up to 12 colours.

HAX (combination of hand tuft and Axminster woven carpets) open close


HAX carpets are a combination of hand-tufted carpet and an Axminster weave. Durable, affordable and produced in unlimited designs, HAX is a popular flooring solution.

Wilton woven carpets open close

Wiltons weavers

Wilton woven carpets are a collection of broadloom carpets and rugs made with pure wool. They add a unique, personal and comfortable element to every interior and are appreciated for creativity, originality and flexibility.

Broadloom tuft carpets open close

Broadloom tuft

Broadloom tuft carpets create a warm and effective solution for almost every environment. They can be produced in any fibre, from wool to nylon (SDN) to polypropylene, and in a large variety of repeating designs.

Carpet tiles open close

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are a flexible and efficient solution for hospitality and office environments. These tiles can be produced in a large variety of designs and constructions.

Sisal, jute - wool broadloom carpets and rugs open close


Modieus offers an exquisite range of area rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting, made from sisal, wool, jute and synthetic yarn.

Printed carpets open close

Printed carpet

Printed carpets are 100% nylon-tufted and allow for unlimited designs, which means that any design a customer can imagine, Modieus can print.

Engineered hard flooring - Bamboo and timber open close

Engineered timber

The Bamboo and timber used by Modieus are sourced from an exclusive range of wood species and have excellent diversity in surface treatment. They are suitable for any type of flooring construction, and Modieus can offer expert technical assistance where needed.


Customer service is paramount at Modieus. Along with superior customisation, the team can take care of the entire flooring process. Everything is covered:



Technically speaking, HAX is an Axminster woven carpet with hand-tufted elements in the design and construction. Practically speaking, it is a more durable carpet with less seams, and less waste in production. Not to mention, it has a faster turnaround and costs less to produce than regular hand-tufted carpets.

However, the most exciting thing about HAX is that there are no design limitations. HAX can be produced in any pattern, including complex designs and colour graduation of up to 12 colours. This means customers can enjoy the exhilarating experience of unlimited designs, free from a hefty price tag.

Bespoke orders for HAX start from around 300m2 with a maximum width of 570cm. (Available in 7 and 8 pitch, 7 to 14 row.)

The five ways to make HAX

There are five ways of producing HAX, each of them resulting in a unique carpet.
This allows for even further customisation.

Level cut
with carving

Level cut pile
with level loop pile

Level cut pile
with lower loop pile

Level cut pile
with higher cut pile

Level cut pile
with different yarns


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